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There is a significant difference in the time it takes to clean a commercial property than a house or small home. Residential cleaning services are typically performed during the daytime or on weekends. Commercial cleaning services usually take place at night, so we don’t disturb the workspace or clientele. This is a practical solution. It simply makes more sense to clean a private home while people are away at work or running errands with friends and family than when they are asleep.

It is important our cleaning services are used when employees and clients are gone for the day. We want to provide quality service without disturbing your regular business operations. We care about ensuring our Omaha community is well served.


Residential cleaning involves a slightly more complicated pricing structure. There are so many different types of rooms and needs that we base our services on the cleaning performed. An excellent example of this is whether or not you will need vacuuming. The price is lower if all we have to do is go over some carpets with a quick vacuum rather than deep clean and mop every floor. We are happy to do either/or but want to make sure we are working within your budget needs.

Commercial cleaning services typically require a package deal for routine scheduling. These packages are determined by the amount of work to be done and the timing of each cleaning. That work is grouped into larger categories which can vary pricing based on the range of services provided. We are happy to provide whatever cleaning service you may need, but again, we want to operate within an agreed budget.

Our Specialty

All of our professional staff live in and around the Omaha, Nebraska area. We understand the local needs you may have for your properties. We have a long history of working closely with real estate agents that need to prepare their sales properties for the open market. Our experienced staff will deep clean those homes, so the next open house will leave your potential buyers stunned and ready to make an offer. We know each and every realtor has unique cleaning needs. Call us today for a consultation so we can get your next sale looking excellent and desirable. At Triple J Cleaning, we know quality matters to close a deal.


You got to love living in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska! We have a rich history of hard workers that know how to relax after a long day and have some fun. Our staff understands the importance of getting outside and enjoying the historical downtown Omaha area. That is why we provide the best quality cleaning service available at your convenience. Let us do the work for you so you can get back to enjoying the community.

At Triple J Cleaning, we focus on home and commercial cleaning across Omaha. Our professional cleaning staff works to your specification, targeting areas we know get particularly dirty before moving on to clean the rest of your property. Kitchen surfaces are wiped down with special care to granite and stainless steel. We even work on ovens and fridges by request.

We make sure all your bathroom toilets, showers, and tubs are cleaned and disinfected. All surfaces will be wiped down, faucets shined, mirrors washed, and floors mopped.

All bedrooms and offices are dusted, surfaces wiped down, beds made, and floors vacuumed before moving onto the rest of the property—our goal to provide you with all the cleaning services you may need.

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Reasons why you should hire a house cleaning services

you work full time. working a full time job, more time to do what you love, one less thing to stress about, leaves your home professionally clean, cleaning occupies a lot of your time and throughout the week limiting the amount of time you have to do what you love without the hassle of cleaning, you will have more time you enjoy.

Hanging out with your friends and loved ones

spending quality time with your family

doing your favorite hobbies.

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Benefits of a clean home

Lowering stress and fatigue.

Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Improving safety.

Lessening the spread of germs.

Keeping pests away.

Improving your diet and waistline.

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