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Why  Real Estate Agents Use Cleaning Services

The real estate industry is a fast-paced, with agents aiming to give their clients with the finest service possible. Cleaning services are one method real estate agents may ensure they are giving a high-quality service. In this article, we'll look at why real estate professionals hire cleaning services, as well as the perspectives of other industry players.

Presentation is Important

To begin, agents in real estate use cleaning services to showcase properties in the most appealing manner. A clean and tidy property appeals to potential buyers or tenants far more than one that is unclean or messy. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 78% of real estate agents think that a tidy house is easier to sell, and 72% say that a clean property raises the cash value provided by purchasers.


Linda Davidson, a New York City real estate agent, says: "With real estate, presentation is important. If you want to drive sales and receive the greatest price for your client, your property must be clean and neat. That is why I usually encourage hiring a cleaning service prior to actually listing a home for sale."

Saves Time and Minimize Stress Factors

Second, cleaning services are used by real estate agents to save time and minimize stress. Time is a crucial commodity as a real estate agent, and there are numerous things to juggle, such as marketing, client meetings, property viewings, and negotiations. Cleaning a house requires time and effort, which can complicate an already hectic schedule. Real estate agents can free up time to focus on other vital responsibilities by utilizing a cleaning service.


As per Bob Thompson, a Portsmouth-based Realtor, "My time is extremely valuable as a real estate salesperson. I must be able to concentrate on the most critical tasks, such as dealing with customers and displaying houses. Cleaning a property consumes valuable time that I might otherwise be spending closing deals. So, what I do is, I regularly hire a cleaning company. That saves me time and lessens my stress."

Keep Properties Safe and Sterile

Third, real estate brokers hire cleaning services to keep properties safe and sterile. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, purchasers and tenants have prioritized cleanliness and hygiene. Real estate agents have a responsibility to guarantee that the houses they sell or rent out are safe and sanitary for their customers.


According to a National Association of Realtors research, 59% of real estate brokers have noted an uptick in demand for cleaning services since the outbreak began. According to the report, 57% of realtors say that cleanliness is the most crucial factor for purchasers to consider when seeing a property.


Susan Thompson, a New Jersey-based real estate specialist, says: "With the outbreak of the pandemic, buyers and tenants have prioritized cleanliness and hygiene. As a real estate agent, I am responsible for ensuring that the houses I sell or rent are safe and clean. I usually hire a professional cleaning service to fully clean and disinfect the premises."

Other Advantages of Hiring  Cleaning Services

In addition to the reasons stated above, there are numerous other advantages to hiring cleaning services in the real estate market. Some of them are:


    A tidy and well-maintained home is much more probable that it will draw high-quality renters or homebuyers ready to pay a higher price. It can also contribute to the growth of a positive reputation for the real estate professional and their agency.


    Using a cleaning service can also help to guarantee that homes are in good shape when customers move in or out. This can aid in the avoidance of arguments or misunderstandings between the landlord and renter, saving time and money in the long run.


    Real estate agents can choose from a variety of cleaning services, including general cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and post-renovation cleaning. The sort of cleaning service necessary will be determined by the property's and the client's individual demands.


    General cleaning is a fundamental cleaning service that covers duties like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. This form of cleaning is appropriate for properties that need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain a high degree of sanitation and presentation.


    Deep cleaning is a more thorough cleaning service that involves cleaning carpets, scouring bathrooms and kitchens, and wiping down walls and surfaces. This cleaning method is appropriate for properties that have not been cleaned in a long time or require a more thorough cleaning.


    Move-in/move-out cleaning is a cleaning service designed exclusively for clients who are moving into or out of a home. Cleaning appliances, sterilizing restrooms, and washing down walls and surfaces are all part of this service. This cleaning kind is intended to ensure that the property is in good shape when the client moves in or out.


    Post-renovation cleaning is a cleaning service designed exclusively for buildings that have been renovated. This service comprises activities such as construction debris removal, dust and debris cleanup, and surface wiping. This form of cleaning is intended to ensure that the property is in good condition following the completion of renovation work.


To summarize, real estate brokers employ cleaning services for a variety of reasons, including ensuring that homes are presented in the best possible light, saving time and reducing stress, and ensuring that houses are safe and sanitary. Additional advantages include attracting high-quality tenants or buyers, establishing a good reputation, and avoiding conflicts or arguments. Cleaning services are provided to real estate agents in a variety of forms, and the sort of service required will depend on the unique demands of the property and the customer.


As Elite Cleaning Company founder David Moore puts it: "A happy home is one that is clean. Everyone benefits when a property is clean and well-maintained. The seller or landlord receives a higher price for their house, the buyer or renter receives a comfortable and secure living environment, and the real estate agent establishes a great reputation for offering excellent service.